Robotic Clamp -Compact Gripper-SFG-FMA6-M5043

Plaats van herkomst: Peking, China
Merknaam: Robotic Clamp
Certificering: FDA CE ISO
Modelnummer: Robotachtige Klem - Compacte tang-SFG-FMA6-M5043
Min. bestelaantal: Onderhandeling
Prijs: Negotiation
Verpakking Details: Kartonpakket
Levertijd: 2-3 het werkdagen
Betalingscondities: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Levering vermogen: Afhankelijk van de ordehoeveelheid
Gedetailleerde informatie
Naam: Robotachtige Klem - Compacte tang-SFG-FMA6-M5043 Lading: 4500g
Smax: 20mm Gewicht: 1134g



Robotic ClampCompact Gripper-SFG-FMA6-M5043


Product Description

SFG Soft Flexible Gripper is an innovative flexible robotic gripper that mimics the grasping action of human hands and is bionic design. Bending deformation is achieved by air pressure input, it can adaptively cover the target object to complete the grasping action. Reverse bending is realized through the output of air pressure, and the action of placing or preparing to grab is completed.

Model Dimensions(mm) Gripping Capacity
Wb Wn Wm Hb Gn Lb Lt Ln L Smax Ymax



SFG-FMA6-M5043 173.4 50 62 168.7 52-100 69 63.5 64 53 20 20.9 52-140


Features / Advantage

Standard working lifespan: ≥3,000,000 times

Load:  4500g

Maximum working pressure: 100 kPa

Air tube diameter: 6 mm

Weight: 1134g


Product Detail

Robotic Clamp -Compact Gripper-SFG-FMA6-M5043 0



SRT flexible gripper has various models, aiming at different shapes, sizes and weights, it has launched targeted solutions:

1. Ball-like and flat objects should choose circular distributed grippers. Long and slim objects should select symmetric distributedgrippers.

2. Smaller objects should select tight grippers with short fingers. Bigger objects should select adjustable grippers with longer fingers.

3. Lighter objects can select small grippers with less fingers. Heavier objects can select big grippers with more fingers.

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